From the CEO’s Desk

December 19, 2021

We are nearing the end of another challenging year. The vendors we work alongside have continued to struggle with the long-term impacts of the pandemic and supply chain shortfalls, requiring increased support from our in-house team and staff.

With the current administration about to deliver on its promises to increase infrastructure help, we are committed to doubling down on our work for you. As COVID-19 unfolded over the past two years, we’ve matured to adjust and have become nimbler. Even when our staff had been overextended, we did not stop our efforts to manufacture parts for our customers with the same degree of excellence that they’ve come to expect from us.

Champions like you have stepped up too. Many of you have continued to issue purchase orders while staying connected with us through your home offices.

As we close a year that has seen many challenges, we remain committed to adapt, pivot and change as we enter 2022 with a renewed sense of hope and optimism for our ability to assist you and the increased needs of your company.

Thank you for your support. We can, and will, work through this together.

Best wishes,

Sina A. Sabet

CEO, Phoenix Companies LLC.